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For the 8 Bits to Infinity Shape Jam II: Art Edition, Week 1

Created in one week (well, about 7 hours)

The Game

Keyboard: Move with WASD and shoot with arrow keys 

Gamepad: Move with left stick and shoot with right stick (untested) 

Mouse: Move with WASD and shoot by clicking (will fire in direction you click)

What does this have to do with the theme? Uh... the shots have to connect. So it's a connection. Right?

How to Customize Assets

Windows: Inside the Shape Jam Shooter_Data directory, add the following:

Mac OSX: Inside the Contentsdirectory, add the following:

Linux: Inside the shape-jam-shooter_Data directory, , add the following:

  • anim/player/idle/^.png
  • anim/player/walk/^.png
  • anim/player/shoot/^.png
  • anim/player/die/^.png
  • anim/bullet/move/^.png
  • anim/bullet/contact/^.png
  • anim/enemy/idle/^.png
  • anim/enemy/walk/^.png
  • anim/enemy/die/^.png
  • icon/health.png
  • texture/floor.png
  • texture/walls.png

Note that the player, enemies, and bullet have no sense of direction/rotation, so you should use vaguely circular or square images. A top-down perspective is strongly recommended. Collisions are also circular and slightly smaller than the visual, so ideally these sprites will have some amount of transparency on the border.

Player and enemies will match the scale of the sprites you import. The default size is 100x100 for player and 200x200 for enemies, but you can adjust the game difficulty by using differently sized sprites.

The textures will be tiled in the x- and y-axes.

Icons will be squashed into a square shape, so square is your best bet.

For animations (with ^.png), name each frame in sequence, starting with 0.

In other words: 0.png, 1.png, 2.png for a 3-frame animation.

Only .png format is supported.

For example, the second frame of animation for the player shoot animation will be the file: Shape Jam Shooter_Data/anim/player/walk/1.png


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Shape Jam Shooter (Windows x64) 22 MB
Shape Jam Shooter (Linux) 23 MB
Shape Jam Shooter (Max OS X) 22 MB

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