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You are the last hope, the final protector of the orbs. As the enemy approaches from all directions through their mysterious portals, you pick up a crossbow and fight them off as long as you can.


(based on Xbox360 Controller)

Pick up items with B. You can pick up an ORB or a CROSSBOW. You can't hold more than one item.

Reload the CROSSBOW with Y and fire it with X. You'll have to be carrying it first, of course.

Do not under any circumstances get hit by the ENEMY swords! They will kill you instantly and all your hard protecting will have gone to waste.

Survive to the end of each wave to get extra points - especially if you protected your orbs.


Originally developed for Ludum Dare 37 compo in 48 hours. Check out the Ludum Dare page for this game and the postmortem for the initial prototype.


OrbProtector_0-0-0_Win64.zip 13 MB
OrbProtector_0-0-0_Win86.zip 11 MB

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