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Not my type of games, but I guess Kojima would like it :D

Was hard to detect which numbers are relevant to finding coins, they might be better presented as visual marker/compass.

Nice touch with the jump height, not sure if intentional, but it did help me to observe the map a bit!

Would like to see some progression, for example, the more coins collected, the faster the player's movement. :)


Hey, thanks for playing! The "game" part is definitely lacking - this was more of a technical experiment than anything else. I had a lengthy list of plans for both the hunters and mines sides but (at the risk of using an excuse that should go unsaid) there wasn't much time. :P

And honestly, the jump was because early on I had some too-steep hills and would get stuck, and thought that might happen again, so I left it in.

I like the basic concept, and the 2 very different playstyles.

As a coin hunter, I wish there was more to do than running forward until you get the coin. Some extra hazards or other level/gameplay elements would have made it more interesting. The play area could have been smaller, too.

On the villainous route, it would have been nice to see more to the interface than clicking the map a few times. Something more strategic maybe?

The interdimensional mines were pretty cool, though sometimes they teleported me closer to the coin.

On the plus side, I didn't run into any bugs. The basic idea seems very original. A mode with short 1v1 or team-based matches could be fun. Oh, and the music rocked!


Hey, thanks for playing! Definitely agree 100% on all your points. More of an actual game on both sides would be nice, but I'm happy the tech worked.

u played my game so i play urs