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A platforming shooter inspired by Mega Man. Developed for the Minimalistic Game Jam 2, with a limitation of 2 colors per sprite and 10 colors overall.

The screen displays (L)ives, (D)eaths, and (R)ound. When you beat the game, you're rewarded with an extra life - and starting a new round. How many rounds can you survive?

Controller is supported, with mappings to the standard Xbox 360 controller scheme. Press ESC or START to pause, then Q to quit.

There are infinite rounds, but from round 6 onwards you die in one hit. At the end of a round, you get an extra life.

The game utilizes an autosave feature with checkpoints. Progress is saved at each checkpoint and the beginning of each round. The game resets when you run out of lives (game over).

To fully reset this save data including high score and best time, press F9 at any time while the game is not paused.

There's a secret for fans of DOOM to find, as well as one particularly useful shortcut if you can manage glitch the game.

Thank you for playing!


The volcano that powers all of Earth's technology is under attack by an unknown, ice-wielding enemy. You must don a fire suit and stop them before the volcano is frozen for good!


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lava-0.1.0-linux.zip 39 MB
Version 1
lava-0.1.0-osx.zip 21 MB
Version 1
lava-0.1.0-windows32.zip 15 MB
Version 1
lava-0.1.0-windows64.zip 17 MB
Version 1

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