Match an element to its opposite to destroy them both (fire+water, earth+air).

Match a crystal (flashing diamond) to three of its opposing element to destroy them all.

Clear all crystals to complete a level.

You lose if an element locks into the red grid square.

Version 0.1.1 was made for the jam in about 15 total hours, focusing on weaknesses of scope and time management.

See included changelog.txt for changes in 0.1.2 and above.


Move left/right with left stick, d-pad, or arrow keys.

Drop immediately with spacebar or A button.

(0.1.2) Pause the game with start, esc, or enter.


A gem counts as a color in its line. So, Fire - Fire - Water Gem - Fire Gem will destroy the Water Gem, as will Fire - Fire - Fire Gem - Water Gem. But note that the Fire Gem is not destroyed, as it is not touching three of the opposing element - only one.

You can clear groups vertically or horizontally.

If you clear under a stack of elements, they will fall. Gems will not.

Elements can be used to clear up opposing elements in the "wrong place." If an element touches multiple of the opposite element it will destroy them all (not gems).

An element connected to a line of opposing elements will clear all the opposition - unless they're touching a gem of the same type. So, Fire will clear Water - Water - Water - Water. But if it's Water - Water - Water Gem then only the first Water will clear.


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