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The only graphics I did were the crystals. All other artwork from this resource: https://0x72.itch.io/dungeontileset-ii

Thank you 0x72 for the amazing tileset.

State of Development

This game is currently under active development. Come hang out on my Twitch stream where I'll be working on the game as often as possible on dev days, Tuesdays, Thursday, and Saturday.

About the Game

In its current state, this is more of a proof of concept than a full game. Here's the idea:

  • Delve into a dungeon filled with monsters, clearing each floor to reach the next.
  • When you reach the end, create your own monsters for others to fight - or for your next romp through the dungeon.

For a 48-hour jam, I had to massively scope my original ideas down, but I'm excited about the future of this project:

  • Leave a copy of yourself for others to fight.
  • Have your own identity (name) and power up monsters you created.
  • Modify the dungeon decor in addition to monsters.
  • Permanently destroy monsters to gain clout or extra power.
  • Use your monsters to fight other monsters.

This proof of concept shows one small aspect, but it's the seedling of a living, breathing dungeon where you create the world. Please enjoy! All feedback is welcome. :)

Linux and OS X versions are untested but should work.


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Dungeon++ Windows x64 17 MB
Version 3
Dungeon++ Linux 31 MB
Version 3
Dungeon++ Mac OS X 19 MB
Version 3
Dungeon++ Windows 32-bit 14 MB
Version 3

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