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Created in 48 hours for the 39th edition of LUDUM DARE

You're the conductor. Collect stems and protect them from Red Cylinders of Evil before they get you.


  • Press Start or left click to begin the game.
  • Press Back or escape to quit on the title screen or return to the title from the game.
  • Left click or A button to fire hookshot.
  • Hold right click or either trigger to show aiming reticle.

Known Bugs

  • Sometimes the stems get a life of their own and fly off into infinity. Don't worry - they'll come back soon. Or they should. Apparently sometimes they won't. :(
  • If too many big enemies spawn, they might push away the stem(s) and force you to wait a really long time for them to come back. Sorry.

Coming Soon

  • Three more levels of action with new music
  • Rebalancing and new enemy types
  • Other minor bits: title screen music, pausing, and victory screen

More from Joshua McLean

  • For cool audio, check out my website (I'm an audio guy pretending to be a game dev)
  • Follow me on Twitter - I love to talk with other devs! @MrJoshuaMcLean


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Ludum Dare 39 Version (0.1.1) Windows x64 18 MB
Ludum Dare 39 Version (0.1.1) Windows x86 16 MB
Audio Hook 0.2.1 (x64) 40 MB
Audio Hook 0.2.1 (x86) 38 MB
Ludum Dare 39 Version (0.1.1) Linux x86/x64 UNTESTED 35 MB
Ludum Dare 39 Version (0.1.1) Mac OS UNTESTED 20 MB
Ludum Dare 39 Version (0.1.1) Source (Unity / C#) 67 MB

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