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You've slain all the heroes and holed up in your castle, but there's something you forgot: The villagers. They're many, they're angry, and they're armed.

Better hire some minions right quick so you don't get a pitchfork through your neck.

Game Objects

Red circle = you.

  • Move: WASD/arrow keys / left stick / d-pad
  • Attack: A button / spacebar

Green triangles = villagers who want to kill you.

  • Try not to touch them, except with your sword.

Yellow ovals = coins which you should collect.

    • Grab the villager's hard-earned savings to hire minions or build a castle.

    Cyan diamonds = minions.

    • They'll kill villagers and collect coins for you, but take a cut from each coin.

    Gray square = castle.

    • Stay in the castle long enough to strengthen your weapon. This will be much easier if you have a ton of minions to protect said castle.

    The Shop

    Minion: X button or key

    • Adds a minion to obey and protect you.

    Castle: Y button or key

    • Builds a castle which you hole up in, sharpening your weapon. When the timer at the bottom of the screen runs out, you get a permanent +1 to damage.

    Heal: B button or key

    • Sacrifice minions and absorb their souls to get +X to health, where X is the number of minions sacrificed. Each time you heal, the cost goes up by one.

    Game Concepts/Tips

    • Stay in the castle until the timer at the bottom of the screen runs out to increase your damage.
    • When you die, you get a multiplier for coins picked up... but you also lose all current coins and minions.
    • The multiplier is based heavily on Wave, then the number of living minions, and finally coins. Get farther to get a higher multiplier!
    • Your current coins and multiplier are saved every second. If you want to reset the entire game, press the R key on your keyboard or Back on the controller.
    • Health and damage upgrades are permanent, so be sure to power up!
    • If you quit and come back, the round starts over with the same coins, multiplier, health upgrades, and damage upgrades.
    • Got yourself stuck or want to experience the game again? Press R or Back on the gamepad to reset your progress to zero.
    Published 29 days ago
    PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
    AuthorJoshua McLean


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